Meet the Team

My wedding was a hot mess. I spent more time worrying whether or not my decorations were set-up just the way I had envisioned or if everyone was where they needed to be rather than just soaking in the day. Of course, at the end of the day, I got an amazing husband, but I still look back and wish I could have truly soaked in every moment on my wedding day.

That is exactly why I started this business, to help couples fell less bogged down by the stress of planning and enjoy the process, especially on their wedding day! With the help of my sister, Julia, and our other amazing wedding assistants, we prioitize our couples to  make sure they get the wedding day of their dreams! We like to think of ourselves as a combination of your fairy godmother and your on-call bff!


Fun Facts about me:

  • Absolute Disney fanatic
  • The look of a perfectly created spreadhseet gives me goosebumps
  • If the Wobble comes on, you better believe I will be out on the dance floor!

Owner + Lead Planner